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Copper and Brass Finish Samples

Copper and Brass Finish Samples

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Copper and Brass Finish Samples

A full set of eight all-natural copper and brass hand-applied finishes along with 3 styles of glass; seeded glass, water glass and white glass. Unlike painted or powdered coated finishes our natural finishes will never crack, rust or peel, guaranteed for life.

*Please Note: Because each of our all-natural finishes is hand applied the shade does vary.

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Brass Finishes

Antique Brass

Color guide: Aged Brass

Aged golden brass etched with dark highlights.
Dark Brass

Color guide: Brown

Burnished dark brown brass finish with a rich texture.
Raw Brass

Color guide: Golden Yellow

Classic, traditional untreated brass.
Verdi Green

Color guide: Green

Classic green patina in solid brass with rich dark overtones.

Copper Finishes

Antique Copper

Color guide: Red-Brown

Copper darkened with red and brown highlights.
Dark Copper

Color guide: Black

Burnished dark grey finish darkens to true black.
Flamed Copper

Color guide: Dark Red-Brown

Flame heated to bring out natural highlights.
Raw Copper

Color guide: Copper

Classic, traditional untreated copper.

Glass Samples

Seeded Glass

Style guide: Rustic, Early American

Clear glass with round small 'seeds' or air bubbles.
Water Glass

Style guide: Rustic, Early American

Clear glass with larger, oval shaped 'seeds' or air bubbles.
White Glass

Style guide: Mission, Southwest
Opaque milky white high quality glass.

Each Finish is One-of-a-Kind

Each finish is unique: Every hand-applied copper and brass finish is the result of an all-natural process. This process mimics the natural aging process to produce a 'living finish'. Over time this 'living finish' will gradually develop the beautiful natural patina copper and brass are known for increasing the value and beauty of your lanterns as time goes by while forming a natural protective barrier.

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